17 May 2012

Tai Thong (Royal China) Restaurant ~ Kota Kinabalu

 Dim Sum
Are you that type of person that goes crazy for Dim Sum especially for breakfast? Well, head off to  Royal China Restaurant (or Tai Thong in chinese) at Lido, Kota Kinabalu ! They are currently having their promotion 50% off on all dim sums from Monday to Saturdays except Public Holidays and Sunday.

Some tips though, take aways are normal priced and they open at 9 am only from Mon-Fri and 8 am on Sat ( unfortunate for people who are working !).

50% Discount in Dim Sum

The service is abit slow as not much staff are present to serve the larger amount of customers. I do recommend you to get the menu and order through the captain instead of waiting for hot dim sums to come out and fight with others to get it.

Dim Sum Menu
Their tea served was not nice to drink as the water given s not hot enough to make the tea laves blend well. On the other hand, their dim sum was not bad, having the 50% off total price makes me do not complain much as other dim sums restaurants out there are more expensive then here. Some of the steamed dumplings and bao were not bad which is edible and average. Dont expect high quality dim sum as it is 50% off which is totally worth it ! Scroll down for more then !  

Siew Mai

Steamed Pork Ribs
Shark Fin Dumpling (not real)

Char Siew Bao
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