25 May 2012

Orange Shabu Steamboat ~ Kota Damansara, PJ

U.S Prime Boneless Ribs
After obtaining a RM 40 for RM100 voucher deal from Groupons :

[Up to 60% Off] Cash Voucher for All Food and Drinks at Orange Shabu Steamboat House. Choose RM25 Voucher (RM15) / RM50 Voucher (RM25) / RM100 Voucher (RM40)

Off we went venturing into Orange Shabu Steamboat located in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, PJ. This small air-conditioned venue offers great homemade dishes and quality local and imported meat and seafood fresh on ice. Great if your wanna try a classier steamboat place. Also, you get to have your own personal steamboat pot ^^ !

Their definition of their Steamboat House :

Orange Shabu Steamboat House serves Taiwanese steamboat ( shabu shabu) specializes in variety of steamboat dishes. The restaurant features a modern concept and best described as a place for quality meat and fresh seafood. Our chef also specializes in authentic homemade dumplings and variety of fishballs at a reasonable price.

This place had just opened recently and the ambience of this place is very clean and warmly decorated. However, the price would be more expensive compared to normal steamboat chains that we might usually been to, but their excellence service and quality ingredients make up for the extra charge.

Personal Steamboat for each
Drinks are usually free ( Green Tea) and refillable is you order any steamboat set. We decided to try their sugar cane drink mix with water chestnut and corn. It was perfect ! Sweet but in a naturally good way.

Sugar Cane with Chestnut & Corn (RM 9 per jug)

Everyone gets their own dipping sauce though, and my favourite was this garlic sauce with a salty taste followed by some kind thai spicy & sour sauce. FYI, It refillable for free!

Salty garlic, Spicy & Sour, Salted beancurd Dipping Sauce
After waiting for some time, they served us their appetizers which was a bowl of fresh green salad tossed with some sliced fruits. Odinary & simple.

Then to the most important thing, we ordered a mix meat & seafood set and they started serving us the 1st part of it. We orderd 2 soup base though, one was the Herbal Chicken Soup and the other was the Hokkaido Konbu Soup. Let me remind you guys that they charge for each soup slot you wanna use ( you can have one soup if you want to).

The !st part steamboat set we ordered consists of shells, green vegetables, wantan, pork balls, seafood balls and a choice of rice/mee/udon. All very basic ingredient which is gonna be the start of your soup sweetness.

Meat + Seafood Set
We add some side dishes though since the voucher was for RM 100. They recommended their Homemade Salted Fish Pork Ball, taste ordinary to me. One tip : This dish takes a longer time to cook on the inside.

Homemade Salted Fish Pork Balls
Ta-da! Heres comes the 2nd part of the steamboat set. Sliced pork, musells, clams, shells, prawns, squids, and sliced fish were served on crushed ice to maintain its freshness ! What a great idea from them to keep it fresh ! Great presentation of dish makes a happier customer :P !

Fresh Seafood
Must Order : The Hokkaido Scallop (4pc) was big in size and once cooked. It was juicy and superb as it permeates through the soup base. Highly recommended !

Hokkaido Scallop

Cooking was easy as we they use induction cooker, the heat was easy to control and the ingredients was cooked in a matter of time right before your eyes! I do recommend using one soup if can as 2 pots can decrease the sweetness of the soup as it will taste bland.

Cooked !
Aaa. The Homemade Fish Cake was so-so to me as the portion was a litte bit small.

Homemade Fishcake
One of the dish i recommend will be the U.S Prime Boneless Beef. It was sliced thinly and goes well with any soup ! Superb ! One method of eating, take one slice of beef or whatever meat that you ordered, cooked it with your chopsticks for 10 seconds. Then take it out and dip it with your favourite sauce and gulp in ! This method will let us taste its freshness without it being too raw or overcooked.

U.S Prime Boneless Beef Ribs

By the way, at the end of your meal, everyone gets a complimentary dessert of your choice ( pudding, fruits, tiramisu, ice cream) and a plum vinegar drink which they say is to enchance digestion of food was taste really good ! Afterall, i gone fat after this meal, time to start dieting T.T !

Plum Vinegar
Still have doubts about the price and menu? Have a look at their menu on their FB page here.

My final verdict of this place, although pricier than the conventional steamboat we used to have, they make it up in their service and quality. Do visit this place as it is still brand new !

Orange Shabu Steamboat House

Lot 3-1, Jalan PJU 5/3 Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara 

Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47810
Orange Shabu Steamboat House at Kota Damansara


  1. What doest this mean.."Let me remind you guys that they charge for each soup slot you wanna use ( you can have one soup if you want to)". Mean the soup base is charge? Add soup got charge or not :-p?

    1. Everyone got their own personal steamboat pot, let say you are a group of four people, then there is 4 soup pots. But you can choose to have 1,2,3 or 4 pots. Each pot you open will be charge according to the soup price. Im not sure though if the first soup u order is free. Their menu is abit confusing also to me. Also, they are free refills for the soup.
      Check out their menu : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=143618372436830&set=a.143618369103497.30024.100003660057435&type=1&theater

    2. OK thanks...plan to go :-p

    3. OK. Let me know your opinion then.

  2. i think this restorant is closed. I have 1 groupon voucher Unutilized but when i wanted to use it and call them for reservation. guess what happen, telephone line has been disconneted and rest.closed.Puzzle..

    Wonder if anyone of you came to know this rest. is closed for good, otherwise, i need to call groupon for reimbursement.

    Thank you.

    1. What time did you call? I also experience the same thing but i can get through after 5pm, try call after 5pm as i think they are not open before that.

  3. Hi, I also purhased from Groupon,thinking want to try out nex week but tried to call even HP no(got from FB) but no one picked up. Finally, I called Groupon and found out, this shop had closed down. Groupon will arrange the refund within 48 hours. Too sad, really wanna to try out but no chance~


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