15 May 2012

Mayflower Chinese Restaurant ~ Kota Kinabalu

Pork served with mantou
Dropping by Kota Kinabalu for your holidays? Well if u have the higher end in your budget, try Mayflower Restaurant located nearby Penampang which serves chinese cuisine using our local fresh seafood. Reservations : (088) 710 333

The food here would be pricier but will redeem itself in its serving quality and gourmet taste, i celebrated my moms birthday here, do book a table if your planning to go especially on weekends to avoid disappointment as many weddings banquets are held here.

Five & Hot Cold Combination

I stated off with the five hot and cold combinations which i wpild recommend for your starters (Rm 50). It consists of seafoof, baby octopus, etc ( do ask your captain for serving preferences : D). It taste great and its quite a big portion.

Five & Hot Cold Combination

Longevity Noodles

We ordered the longevity noodles which is meant for people celebrating birthdays in which the noodles signifies a longer life. However, it taste a bit saltier which was not my favourite dish but still edible as it was rich with mushrooms and greens.

Braised Seafood Cucumber 

The seafood cucumber was fresh and was compliment with big sized mushrooms and brocollis. It taste great with its gravy, perfect to combine with rice.

Fish Lip Soup

They do serve shark fin soup, but please saves the shark, instead we ordered the fish lip soup which has pleaseant sour sweet taste and was boiled with mushrooms, ham, seafood, and carrots. Try it with the black vinegar!

Roasted Duck & Chinese Bun

The roasted duck is succulent with its meat blended with the sauce and to top it off with some crispy mantou! However, the smallest size is half duck, so carefully order 

Mango pudding

I would say, the mango pudding is out of this world, served with fresh sliced mango and milk, the mango was not oversweet and it taste just right compliment with the fresh mango slices !

Pandan jelly

Of course, nothing would be complete without Mayflowers' pandan jelly which is served for free after your dinner. It taste great, however i would still rather go for Supertanker's pandan pudding.

For reservation, please call:
Restaurant     :  (088) 710 333
Business Hour:11.00am – 2.30pm
6.00pm – 10.30pm
Location Address:
Ground Floor & 1st Floor, Lot 1-5,
Phase 2, Jalan Bundusan, Penampang,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Tel: 088-728822 , Fax: 088-710008 
HP: 016 830 8909 
Email: mayflower0021@yahoo.com 

* We are closed for 10 days immediately after Chinese New Year