19 May 2012

Henry Cook ~ SS2 Mall, PJ

Rice Special
Wandering nearby SS2 Mall, Petaling Jaya ? Then head off to Henry Cook which offers tantalizing fusion gourmet of West meets Peranakan which is handled by Chef Henry who was one of the top chefs in the renowned Hyatt Hotel. 

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The gourmet served here are really something new and creative to taste with, i started having some of their barley with lemon which was not bad as my main focus was to try their creative blend of fusion delicacy.

Barley with lemon

I started off with some entree of their Soup of the Day (Rm4.50) which was Cream of Mushroom Soup. The soup taste rich with the mushroom flavour, however the croutons was soft which not a good choice. Most importantly, it was kitchen made rather than some canned soup :) !

Cream of Mushroom Soup
The Sloppy Fries with Brown Sauce & Cheese amazes me ! Fries cooked to perfection and garnished with beef and melted cheese really emits that tasty aroma. However though, more melted cheese would be much better in my opinion :P !

Sloppy Fries with Brown Sauce & Cheese (Rm6.50)
The Beef Stew was spectacular in its taste and was served with salad and potatoes. I must admit though, their dishes served here was complemented with quite a number of vegetables which is a healthier meal as variety of greens are added in. You can choose to have you Beef Stew with yellow fragrant rice (Rm 18) or baked potatoes(Rm 19). I do prefer rice though as it is much filling.

Beef Stew
The Rice Special was served with yellow fragrant rice and salad. I must say, the chicken was the best chicken i ever tried so far. Roast to perfection and garnished with pepper and salt, it brings out the taste of the West and paired with some Peranakan side dishes.

Rice Special
Just a short comment on the ambience of the place, relaxing, soft and chic place for you to have snacks with your family or girlfriends. The place is styled young and classy. 



Henry Cook


  1. The beef stew looks yummy, how much it cost?

    1. Rm 18 if you choose it with rice or Rm 19 if you plan to eat it with potatoes :)

  2. The food is fantastic. We went there with 10 family members. Everybody loves it. My daughter rate it 6 stars.

    1. Great to hear that ! Your daughter must love the fusion of the cooking !


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