26 April 2012

Morganfield's ~ Pavillion, KL

Pork Ribs (Full size~ Rm60++)

Crave for some succulent pork ribs grilled to perfection? Then Morganfield's located in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur is exactly the place you wanna be ! My friends says this is the "in" place for young working people to be enjoying and seen and it certainly live up to that.

Tips: However, do please booked your seats especially on the weekends because there will be little or none walk-in seats. 

You can order two sizes for their signature pork ribs(Rm30++/Rm60++) which is quite filling and served with fries and homemade sauce. I would say it really taste good compared to other pork ribs i tried so far..

Chicken soup ( rich which chicken)

Just for a short review for this place, the ambience was great ~ you can go with your family for dinner here or just hang out at the bar with your friends for some ribs and drinks. I started with the chicken soup which was far from my expectations from the typical chicken soup you usually find.

Grilled Chicken

Bacon Burger with Fries

The chicken and bacon burger was nice too, grilled to perfection and the mashed potatoes were just right! For you price conscious people, this place would be pricier compared to Chili's or T.G.I.F but the food is served at a very big portion! Just for 4 people , we have eaten up to the total of RM 200++ (with beer though). Thumbs up for the place ! Btw, water is served free here.

What is your opinion then? Write down in the comment box below ! Morganfield's