19 April 2012

Dim Sum break ~Chao Yan Cuisine - The Curve, PJ

Have cravings for some dim sum? Chao Yan cuisine at The Curve offers a simple design menu  with simple choices of teochew style dim sums offered at 10am-12pm and 4pm-6pm. However they do not ready cook the dim sums like most of the restaurants do...but will cook when u placed an order, it maybe slower but at least your delicacies are served warm.

Their theme yum cha & high team dim sum has its meaning of offering small portions of dim sums for the favour for snacks. U can order noodles, and porridge all which is cheap and serve in a moderate portion which is quite filling! Scroll down to see some of the delicacies that they have to offer.

Their menu prices vary from RM 3 to RM 6 for each plate and i think some dishes are worth the value they offered. For instance, a bowl of hot pork porridge cos RM 3, and its not even the small bowl they you usually find in other restaurants ! Have a look then :

 Pork Porridge

 Tea ( they charge per cup though..)

Teochew style kueh teow ( reminds me of kueh chap..)
 Spring Roll (RM 3..)

 Cheong Fun Chives/Casserole

 Char Siew Bao

 Siew Mai

 Teochew dumpling

Lo Mai Gai

I think the dim sum served is moderate, but fit if your planning to have a small snack with friends to chit chat with in a quiet place!
Chao Yan Cuisine