17 July 2011

Sweet Bean Cafe -SS2, PJ

So we went to discover a new dessert shop called Sweet Bean in SS2, the cafe is cozy and have a warm atmosphere, perfect for chit chats ~ ! They served heavy meals too from oriental to western and have a range of tong shuis to choose from..The price? ..abit expensive compared to other tong shuis in that area but not that much i guess its worth to try to visit this place :P.

Location Map:

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Update 23/7/11 : The food was not so nice for us...taste very normal for a more expensive price around Rm8-9, the tong shuis was very sweet didnt like it much...But for such a cheap price i guess everything its just all right...normal so-so only =.=
Picsz :

Mango Sago...

Fungus + Papaya
Sesame Paste
Beancurd sheet ( sweeet)
Peanut Paste
Special chicken chop rice
Curry chicken
Nasi Minyak special
Hot spicy mee

Longan something ? lol

Sweet Bean