28 July 2011

New York New York Deli ~ 1 Utama, PJ

Craving to indulge into some New York cuisine ? Well, you gotta try New York New York Deli located in LG new wing of 1 Utama. I must say, i love their menu design concept ( which is also hard to read of course) and lots of varieties to choose from ~ Anyways, happy birthday to my dear friend, Sean as we celebrated there although he was not full lol. Back to the topic, the food deserves a rating of 7/10, their service is remarkable but the cooking process takes longer then expected (depending on how many ppl). I was informed that this place has not many branches around Malaysia, i would suggest people to try out this place as they have not many branches here. The price ? Well...i would say cheaper then Chil*s/TG*F, i guess a budgeted meal here would be around Rm 20 if you opt out the drinks, and oh ! water is free here ~

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The food in New York Deli brings out the essence of their spices and bringing the NY feeling. The food served here is fresh and the sauces are kitchen made, great food acccompanied with lots of choices of drinks from non acoholic beverage to alcoholic beverages. Yummy !

We started off with the mushroom vegetable salad (Rm 10++) pampered with garlic vinaigrette, it tasted great especially the mushrooms which is cooked to perfection !

Vege & mushroom Salad

Well the birthday boy, ordered the roasted chicken alfredo spaghetti (Rm25++). I must say, i liked how they made the alfredo sauce just right accompanied with thatt bigggg roasted chicken ~ loved it. However, eat the chicken with the sauce or it will be tasteless. :P

happy bday !~

Alfredo spaghetti + Roasted Chicken

The beef lasagna was just so-so to me ~i tried many beef lasagna but this beef lasagna didnt take my breath away ~ but the taste was awesome ( u can add the cheese powder urself) and edible (LOL!). But for this price (Rm16++), i would say it is still worth to try...

Beef Lasagna
The juicy burger supreme wasnt as "juicy" as the one i tried in Bubb* G*mp, but the beef patty was fresh as you can really taste the essence of the beef (moooo~) flavouring in your mouth. Well, i wasnt impressed with this but what the heck ~ it taste fresh at least ~

Juicy Burger Supreme
Wohoo, the star of the night (either one) = the really big size fish and chips. It was really freakingly big the fish they serve us (bit jealous), the portion was enough for 2 medium eaters. The fish? still edible and they served it with 2 sauces and one salad. (the tartar sauce is refillable btw). Try it !

Whoa ! big fish there!

Fish & Chips

New York New York Deli