26 July 2011

Kuan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant - S17, PJ

They say, eating vegetarian food is good for your health, as our human teeth is designed to eat vegetables ( same like cows eh ? ). So, just a short post on this vegetarian restaurant Kuan Yin which serves great vegetarian food among all the places i tried ... Well the food here has enough taste and their vegetables are quite fresh. The service may not be great ~ but this place is pack with people daily so better go there earlier if u wanna try this great place. The price? well of cos pricier than the average food but its worth to try it ..yum yum !~

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Heres some pics ~ sorry for not enough pictures cos jus realize bout this place today lol..will keep update as i frequently visit here...

So the sweer sour pork taste really like meat ! Moreover its crispy and the sauce was just right ~ Try it and you will loved it ~ (first time i eaten i vege dish that really taste like meat)

Sweet Sour "pork"

 This dish contains bittergourd and "pork" ..Well if you love bitter vegetables you can really try this as the flavour really brings up the essence of the bittergourd ( and bitter too yeah !)
bittergours + "meat"

 A light dish of Thai fried rice..not spicy at all so its safe for ppl who cant stand spicy, the taste? same like every other fried rice and they put in "ham" ...not bad....
Thai Fried Rice
 A very healthy dish that contains tofu, mushrooms, and green vegetables, the flavour was rich with the vege taste and of cos healthy ! (except for the thick sauce... )
Mixed Vege Rice

Overall, the food really taste great and has flava in it ~ Shall talk more next time...should try the Mango Sai Mai Loh ! damn good compared to the my post in KTZ ! >.< Restoran Sayur sayuran Kuan Yin