22 July 2011

Haeun Khon Korean Restaurant - Amcorp Mall, PJ

So ... for dinner this time we went to try Haeun Khon Restaurant at Amcorp Mall after few suggestions from friends. Honestly, i never thought Amcorp Mall has a great Korean restaurant. The food here taste superb and is comparable to the posts in did for Daorae. Overall the price is cheaper and they cook damn good. They have set meals so you dont have to worry.. the price ? i guess Rm15-Rm 20 is enough.. and for those who cant take spicy food, there is also some choices on Japanese Food fused with korean side dish...But ~ the side dishes are not refillable.. 
Location Map :

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The chicken teriyaki is japanese style cuisine, it has very nice taste of garlic aroma...not bad...
Chicken teriyaki

The beef bulgogi taste superb ! for RM17.90 i think the price is worth it as they gave alot beef to eat..
Beef Bulgogi

Now if you love spicy food, then the kimchi jigae is worth it as the spicyness would bring you to a whole new level..super sick! WARNING : you might choke lol :P
Kimchi jigae
for Rm 14.90, the chicken bulgogi is heaven ! ~ the taste is thick and loads of sauce companied with loads of meat... I like this the best !
Chicken bulgogi
Restoran Haeun Khon