31 July 2011

Grandmama's - Pavillion, KL

Home cooking was supposed to be the best meal one could ever had, how many of you have actually ever tried real home cooking? (soul food eh?).Well, we visited the homecooking restaurant. Grandmama's located at Pavillion which "cooks with more loving", the place was packed with people on a Saturday night, you do have the options of either sitting outside or inside. Overall, the food was great, it was not over-the-top with its creativity, as the place was flavoured with the home cooking idea. (I guess thats why they call it Grandmama's). Go and have a taste, its worth your money btw. Its similiar to Madam Kw*n. Price? Rm30 (with drinks) .

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cute heart shape eh...

The dishes here varies from local delicacies to western cuisines, one if it, the assam laksa, around Rm15++, was nice, accompanied with sauces and lime provided. The spicinesss? im not so sure, but no as spicy as u think.

Assam Laksa

The drinks? Well.. a bierf description here, theres the common drinks usually you will see in this type cafe (tea, iced lemon tea, coffee, blah blah...) which varies i guess Rm5-10? See for yourself below. Oh~ btw, plain water are served free in this place, so no need for drinks if u wanna save a dime or two :D.

Green Tea
Ice Lemon Tea

The red bean ice drink was ok i guess...not much comment on this.

Red Bean Ice

Now..on to the main meal, i ordered the spaghetti carbonara (Rm20++), the portion was not large but the sauce was creamy and rich with flavours. Flavoured with beef bacon strips, the amount of cream was just right. Not too thick, not to watery...just right :D.

Spaghetti Carbonara
Nasi Bojari is an Indonesian delicacy, its a coloured rice that come with side dishes such as fried chicken, beef rendang, sambal prawn, and etc. I would say overall its delicious, and if you are a Standard Chartered Bank card holder, u get 20% discount on this dish (one redemption per table only). this dish cost about RM20++, try it then you will know.

Nasi Bojari

Alas, the fish and chips, compared to the one in New York Deli, portion about the same, price is a little bit more expensive, the taste? Well...the fish taste fresh and one thing i like about it is the skin is not overthicken with flour :D.