10 July 2011

Decanter PJ - S17, Petaling Jaya

It was my housemates bday that night, so we decided to have dinner nearby our house due to the massive jams around the highways ~ Decanter PJ at Section 17 offers variety of foods, Western or Oriental. The food portions are quite ok, not much for pasta dishes but big for chops dishes ! Anyways, head yourself to this place if u prefer a quiet evening with the classy atmosphere. The price isnt cheap though, i guess RM20-RM40 for a good dinner. Not many ppl knew this place as this place is located inside the housing area....

Location Map:

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My housemates~

Birthday boy~

Alfredo Spaghetti

Marinara spaghetti

Fish & Chips ( Homemade tartar sauce !)

Cheesy Chicken Chop ~
P.S if u prefer quantity ~ go for the western dishes except pastas as they are quite heavy !