13 June 2011

Wong Kok Dim Sum Breakfast- Kota Kinabalu

Awake by 7am by my mum, after sleeping only 3 hours due to late gaming the night before, was so freakkkkking tired for me....Off we went to have breakfast dim sum style ! with some of my mum's colleagues.... The food at Wong Kok Dim Sum here was fabulous and superb. First, i must comment their hygiene is tip-top, their service is awesome and friendly, and most importantly the dim sum has its quality and cheaper than some places..Anyways i wont talk much on the type of dim sum as i do not know how to call it in English =='. I would recommend this place for a family get-together for breakfast.. They have 2 branch, the main one is at Penampang, and the new one which is the nearer my house at Luyang.( I would suggests Penampang branch, as the original chef is there XD ) By the way u can apply for the member card = 5% discount



My fav !