9 June 2011

Nishiki Japanese Restaurant - Kota Kinabalu

So, it was a rainy night and we decided to have dinner at Nishiki Japanese Restaurant at KK. The place opened at 6pm for night sessions.. We were the first customers there..anyways its beeeeenn a very long time i last visited this place...seems they renovated the place larger and more comfortable..So..this restaurant has been around KK for a looong time and is the oldest japanese cuisine to opened up in KK long way back.. Overall i would rate the food there so~so...the service was superb and the price whoa !! super expensive...may reach up to few hundred ringgit if lose control ordering XD...


Still the best eh ??? hmmmm...


Mushroom +butter


I didnt like the food very much as it taste normal to me..nothing special but damn pricy - i guess each person Rm 50 would be enough...though i still like the fruits ....sweet, fresh, and super coldddddd....brrrrrr