25 May 2011

Sarawak Food - Kuching Delicacies

So.. we went to Kuching just after our exams, just after we were back from Langkawi, the food is Kuching is much similiar to my hometown in KK, however they differ in their prices. Damn cheap ! A plate of Srwk Mee costs 2.80.... So as what i know, the food operators have a habit in selling their foods, if their not in the mood then they will not sell to you..so dun step on ur tails then hahaha. Anyways we started off trying the Kon Lo Mee, Belacan Bihun, Laksa on the 1st day.. not bad and damn cheap !

Kon Lo Mee

Belacan Bihun ( not spicy at all)

Kuching Laksa

 On the last day, the kind people who rented the cars to us bring us out for lunch at Jln Song..i forgot this cafe name..the food was ok, nice , cheap but the service really really suckssss.....

My mum's friend bought us eat kueh chap which was located in the housing area which nobody would not know how to go unless u are local there..first time eating it...hmmm not bad.. i like the pork though XD...

pork !

Kueh chap (taste like bah kut teh)

eat eat eat !!

Well, look forward to visit Sarawak again but this time i wanna go to the Mulu Caves sightseeing !