9 May 2011

KTZ- Ice Loh - SS2, PJ

After the few days of heat wave in PJ, everyone is dying due to the heat ray shining into our room turning it to saunas -.-, we decided to have some cold ice blend stuff to eat and boy it tastes good. KTZ is located at SS2, PJ offers a variety of food from heavy to desserts it taste great however i just wish the service would improve better there... One word of warning..be sure what u order cos thy wont cancel it after it has been keyed in and also u can reject the wet towels to save a few $$$...We went midnight and yes we did cooldown from the heat wave but after returning home our rooms upgrade from sauna to oven..Super hot !!!!

Location Map:

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Some pics:
Porridge at midnight lol....

Mango, Honeydey, Kiwi Loh