5 May 2011

Jogoya Japanese Buffet - StarHill Gallery, Bukit Bintang, KL

Honestly, this Japanese buffet restaurant at Starhill Gallery doesnt really attract me in terms of their food quality but overall impression was satisfactory....the price around rm 100 per person after taxes for dinner but we got in for 50% discount yay ~

Location Map:

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The food quantity was much to be consumed..Loads of salmons and sashimis but the sushi dont look appealing to me at all =.=  . They have loads of variety of food types ranging from western chops to oriental dim sums which of course is pork free. Some food we ordered turn up cold when we thought it was warm but still taste good.. Oh yeah theres loads of types of pastries and desserts and cocktails (alcohol yeah ! ) but the one thing u nid to eat is theeeee Haagen Daza ice cream.. Eat more and u get whats worth ur money$$ back :P. Fat + 2kg ......Should try Tenji at Solaris Mt Kiara next time...


Mystery Girl eating with us...

The mess we eaten..

Bar drinks....

Haagen Daz~~ <3