26 May 2011

Chinese Dinner - Greenview Restaurant S19, PJ

     So..i wanted to post this photos for so long time...this dinner was actually on the 15th day of Chinese New Year (Chap Goh Mei) earlier this year..great food at the Greenview Restaurant at SS2 nearby the roundabout....we ordered few dishes and it taste great and was damn filling..However the setback here was the price after the meal ! Whoa ! Hahaha..at least we had a good time and the service was superb there just only the air con conked out on our dinner session and it was damn hot inside....

Location Map:

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     Anyways, the dinner cost about RM 200 + ..so i think it is still ok since we ordered the Salmon Yee Sang...Great dinner and i guess this is goodbye to my housemates...since we all are graduating now..Oh well ....life must go on... and so does my weight T.T

Some Piczzzzz:

Yee Sang

Chicken, Yam, Vege, Tofu, Pork .....

I cant even see the salmon..

Two lovely ladies..

The couple..

Our ex housemate..