28 April 2011

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng-SS2, PJ

Wow, lucky Mei Shi to celeb her bday in 2 days, not even me have that opportunity to celeb 2 days in a row ! Went to WK Char Chan Teng..i guess no nid to talk further about this place..Everybody whos anybody goes there. Honestly i dont really like the place at all i guess the food there is not so nice compared to Kimgary oh well...We got the free milk tea Large size for min 5 ppl present there...But we didnt manage to drink as our set meals have drinks too oh gawdddd.....Fat....Postpone diet (been postponing for few months )......Happy Birthday Mei shi ! again.....lucky girl ....lol :D.

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Pixxxxzzz: Bday Gurl -2nd Round Partyyy




  1. greg, when we can only start our diet plan ? wuwuwu....

  2. Same as the one in Warisan, rite?

    Miss the giant glass of milky tea.
    No need to diet la. Come back here also makan makan.


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