27 April 2011

Daorae ~ Korean Cuisine for "Meatarians"~ Desa Sri Hartamas

Ok my first official blog posting (Hope i dun sux writing this..) After finally going frequently to Daorae at Desa Sri Hartamas.. I finally thought Korean cuisine is damn nice especially for a meatarians (anti-green) like me to consume most of the vegetables they served. I think the food rocks especially when u just pay for your dish while others are free !! Happy birthday to my fren Mei Shi for celebrating her bday there. It was nice for them to give us a room last night, great dinner, great environment, and great service! The price was reasonable if you know how to order: 11 guests ~ 4 bbq dishes, 8 dishes = RM30 each person worth it especially when they serve complimentary pancakes and soups/desserts for us !

Location Map:

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Heres some photos:

Waiting for dinner.....

Food Feasting Time ~! Happy Birthday Mei Shi!

P.S if u dun eat spicy food..u wasted half ur delicacies there ...Non spicy food there taste weird to us..
Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

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  1. really nice i love korean food!haha!thx for celebrating my birthday there!haha!


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